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Offer details from 06.06.2020

CategoryBand Saw - Automatic
TypeMEBApro 260 AP
Storage locationWerk
Country of originSpain
Delivery timeimmediately
Freight basisDelivery ex factory.

Technical Details

dimensions of saw-band3700x27x0,9 mm
capacity 90 degrees: round260 mm
capacity 90 degrees: flat300x260 mm
min. dia.5 mm
work height max.750 mm
total power requirement1,5 kW
Weight1050 kg
dimensions2150x1650x1850 mm


- Sturdy portal frame construction 2-pillar linearly guided
- Saw feed via frequency-controlled spindle drive with automatic cutting pressure regulation
- Stepless cutting speed via AC drive
- Central, clear control panel
- Height switch bar
- Fulcrum in alignment with the saw blade and material system, thereby no change in the length dimension
- Precise saw band carbide roller guide
- saw blade brush
- Saw band tilted 2 °

Additional standard equipment for MEBA 260 AP:
- NC-controlled, automatic material insertion with hydraulic material full lift
- Simple operation by NC control with plain text display
- Material pre-clocking function without re-clamping the material for short sections
- Stable, linearly controlled supply pliers with servo positioning for highest accuracy
- Automatic adjustment of the tape guide to the material width
- Powered chip brush, synchronous to the belt speed

Additional equipment:
Pos. 14 - Installation elements (4 pieces)
Pos. 9 - water spray gun