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Laser Cutting Machine ADIGE LT 8 - 3,5 kW

TypeLT 8 - 3,5 kW YoutubeVideo
ControlCNC - Siemens Sinumerik 840 D
Storage locationStandort
Country of originItaly
Delivery timeimmediately
Freight basisDelivery ex location.

Technical Details

Max. diameter round tubes220 mm
Max. side length rectangular tubes200 mm
Max. tube length loading8.500 mm
Max. tube length unloading6.500 mm
Max. tube weight35 kg/m
controlSiemens Sinumerik 840 D
laser capacity in Watt3500


Laser source: ROFIN SINAR DC 035 3500 Watt
The LT8 system is equipped with a Rofin Sinar Slab laser from the DC series, which, thanks to the following features, enables optimum cutting quality at low operating costs:
- High radiation index (K factor> 0.9)
- No moving parts, therefore very low maintenance costs
- Minimal gas and electricity consumption.

Siemens Sinumerik 840D Solution Line

Tube parameters
- Max. diameter round tubes: 220 mm
- Max. side length rectangular tubes: 200 mm
- Max. tube length loading: 8.500 mm
- Max. tube length unloading: 6.500 mm
- Max. tube weight: 35 kg/m

Seamline detection
The LT8 is equipped with optical seamline detection for the correct positioning of the machining.

Irregular cross sections and open profiles
Thanks to the effective and efficient processing of irregular cross sections and open profiles, LT8 is also suitable for innovative applications.

Inspection and management of the cutting process are also guaranteed with the LT8 by means of highly developed devices - including the booster device for optimal laser piercing.

With large pipes, three-dimensional machining is a decisive criterion for the performance of a system. The LT8 has a 3D head for angle cutting with the highest quality and accuracy.

Technological database
LT8 users can rely on a complete, reliable and based on ADIGE's many years of experience in laser cutting technological database benefit from cutting parameters.

Thanks to special functions such as online nesting, remnant optimization and reduction and entire bar processing, the bar is used optimally.

2 IN
Two different loading stations guarantee more flexibility in the management of production lots. The system can be set up for processing open profiles and flat material in an automatic process; Two automatic loading stations, front and rear, both equipped with measuring sensors; Three possible loading designs available (bulk loader, loading table for individually manually stored bars, step loader). Each loader can be connected to any tube loading station and is available in the 8500 mm version; Two different cross-sections can be managed simultaneously using the by-pass function; There are additional protective elements in the machine for processing heavy pipes or stainless steels provided to avoid possible damage to the pipe surface.

Four unloading positions for separate unloading of the cut pieces. The use of specially developed software processes allows the rod to be optimized and used, thereby reducing the final waste to only 110 mm. Four possible unloading positions for sorting out the different cut parts. Parts are supported by universal supports at every production step - for extremely precise machining even of long, heavy and / or complex parts. Reduced cycle times and intactness of the pipe surface are guaranteed by the special extraction pliers on the unloader.

Machine hours:
approx. 46.000 h / 23.000 h (June 2020)

ADIGE LT 8 - 3,5 kWADIGE LT 8 - 3,5 kWADIGE LT 8 - 3,5 kWADIGE LT 8 - 3,5 kWADIGE LT 8 - 3,5 kWADIGE LT 8 - 3,5 kWADIGE LT 8 - 3,5 kW

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