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Band Saw - Automatic MEP SHARK 332-1 NC 5.0

TypeSHARK 332-1 NC 5.0
Storage locationWerk
Country of originItaly
Delivery timeafter Agreement.
Freight basisDelivery ex factory.

Technical Details

dimensions of saw-band3650x27x0,9 mm
speed15-100 m/min
vice335 mm
capacity 90 degrees: round300 mm
capacity 90 degrees: square260 mm
capacity 90 degrees: flat330x260 mm
capacity 45 degrees: round260/200 mm
capacity 45 degrees: square250/180 mm
capacity 45 degrees: flat270x200/200x160 mm
capacity 60 degrees: round180 mm
capacity 60 degrees: square170 mm
capacity 60 degrees: flat170x170 mm
total power requirement2,2 kW
weight1.105 kg
dimensions2700x2300x1800 mm


Fully automatic electro-hydraulic band saw with multi-micro processors and
additionally semi-automatic, semi-automatic-dynamic and manual

- Automatic cycle (cuts from 0 ° to 60 ° link). CNC machine with two
controlled axes that allow for the same material thickness 1000
various editing programs, each with a different cutting length and quantity, too
- Semi-automatic, semi-automatic-dynamic and manual cycle (cuts
from 45 ° right to 60 ° left)
- Semiautomatic dynamic system (manual lowering of the saw band bow up to the
desired position and cycle start via the push button.)
- Manual or semi-automatic-dynamic cycle to cut directly without

Some features:

- New fieldbus communication system (Modbus protocol)
- Display with 20 characters x 4 lines to display the technical parameters such as:
- Saw blade speed - Number of programmed and executed cuts
- saw blade thickness - feed length - cutting time - ammeter - belt tension -
Display of (about 100) diagnostic messages and warnings, everything in the
respective user language.
- Display and entry of the alarm and error messages with the possibility of
display incidents that have occurred.
- automatic parameter setting via control, if a new driver or
Inverter is mounted.
- Electronic inverter for continuous regulation of the belt speed of 15
up to 100 m / min.
- New hydraulic control unit of the latest generation, highly efficient
and with low energy consumption.
- New material supply of 600 mm with stepper motor and ball screw
mounted on opposite ball bearings.
- Hublauf the saw blade directly from the control panel programmable, for
Adaptation to the cutting material.
- Electronic band tension control.
- Automatic monitoring of the cutting load by a direct on the
Cylinder mounted servo valve.
- The coolant sump (equipped with 2 electric pumps for lubrication and
Cooling of the saw blade) is installed in the base.
- Swarf drawer (can be replaced by a chip conveyor - see
- Preparation for the installation of the minimum lubrication set of the saw blade
(Optional), in addition to conventional standard lubrication with emulsion oil.
Chip removal brush.
- Machine is intended for lifting truck transport.
- Bi-metal saw band for solid and profile material.
MEP SHARK 332-1 NC 5.0MEP SHARK 332-1 NC 5.0MEP SHARK 332-1 NC 5.0MEP SHARK 332-1 NC 5.0MEP SHARK 332-1 NC 5.0MEP SHARK 332-1 NC 5.0

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