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Band Saw MEBA MEBAswing 260 DG

TypeMEBAswing 260 DG
Storage locationWerk
Country of originGermany
Delivery timeimmediately
Freight basisDelivery ex factory.

Technical Details

dimensions of saw-band3350 x 27 x 0,9 mm
capacity 90 degrees: round260 mm
capacity 90 degrees: flat300 x 260 mm
capacity 45 degrees: round200 mm
capacity 45 degrees: flat180 x 180 mm
min. dia.5 mm
work height max.900 mm
total power requirement1,1/1,8 kW
dimensions1720 x 800 x 1450 mm
weight710 kg


Equipment / Accessories:
- Fast miter adjustment from 30° - 150° stepless to 0,5 ° accuracy
according to scale. The miter turning point is the point of intersection between saw band and
Material system, thereby no change in the length dimension.
- End stops at 30° + 45° left and 30°+45° right
- Manual material tension. At each angular position of the saw frame is the
Material stretched parallel in 90°
- Cutting pressure reduction by weight of the heavy, torsionally stiff
Sawing frame and fine adjustment depending on the material cross section via hydraulic
damping cylinder
- MEBA micro dosing system complete with spray head
- Machine stand with chip collecting tray
- saw blade drive with limit stop
- Precise saw band carbide roller guide

Additional equipment:
- Hydraulic lifting of the saw frame
MEBA MEBAswing 260 DGMEBA MEBAswing 260 DGMEBA MEBAswing 260 DGMEBA MEBAswing 260 DG

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