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Band Saw MEP PH 211-1 CCS

TypePH 211-1 CCS
Storage locationGünzburg
Country of originItaly
Delivery timeimmediately
Freight basisEx Works.

Technical Details

dimensions of saw-band2135x20x0,9 mm
capacity 90 degrees: round180 mm
capacity 90 degrees: square180 mm
capacity 90 degrees: flat200x150 mm
capacity 45 degrees: round115 mm
capacity 45 degrees: square110 mm
capacity 45 degrees: flat125x110 mm
capacity 60 degrees: round70 mm
capacity 60 degrees: square70 mm
capacity 60 degrees: flat70x70 mm
total power requirement0,70/0,81 kW
Weight190 kg
dimensions1510x800x1650 mm


Domestic equipments:
- with semi-automatic lowering
- In the CCS system, the individual cuts become independent, instead of
manual cuts.
- Electric control panel with fully identifiable cabling, Stand By,
lockable main switch, speed switch, thermomagnetic protection,
Undervoltage release, phase failure protection, low voltage 24 V and
Emergency stop switch)
- The new drive wheel is attached to the shaft with a clamping set and
ensures a frictional connection of shaft and hub, as well as a
possible axial adjustment.
- New saw band guide heads with 6 precision carbide guides (WIDIA).
- Control handle IP 55 protected
- Adjustable stops at 0 ° and 60 ° left with clamping lever around the saw head in
to lock each angular position.
- Saw head joint with preloaded tapered roller bearing
- quick release vice
- Underframe with tub for the coolant
- Electric coolant pump for cooling and lubrication of the saw blade
- Späneräumb brush
- Double return spring
- Adjustable length stop for cuts of the same length
- Bimetallic saw band for solid and profile material
MEP PH 211-1 CCSMEP PH 211-1 CCSMEP PH 211-1 CCS

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